Tuesday, May 24, 2011


   Melinda Sorino is a new freshman at MerryWeather highschool. she is ignored by her old friends even her old best friend! At the beggining of the scool year she is friendless. She does make one friend called Heather. she is always cheerfull and happy unlike Melinda. Shes ignored.
    A reason why people ignore her is because she called the cops on Kyle Rodger's party at the end of last summer. She is hiding something about the party. Thats probably why the book is called "speak"
    I am sure many people can relate to Melinda because its sometimes hard to speak the truth. She tryed to say something buy then she changed her mind and didnt say anything.
   when melinda goes to her friends house, heather's mom is really excited to see her just as if she never had friends at her house before.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

working on the field
its hard
but i wont give up hope

the sun starts to melt me
it hurts
but I will not give up hope

I will make it
to the end
even if I have to die
working on the field
its hard
but i wont give up hope

the sun starts to melt me
it hurts
but I will not give up hope

I will make it
to the end
even if I have to die
-different colors
-can't really see the sky
-little kid working out on the field
-he's white
-it's sunny because he has shade

-all the different colors have different meaning
-if this was in the days of slavery, a white person is doing the work
-its very sunny and hes very tired
- the green might mean hope

I think that the artist, Van Gogh was trying to say don't give up that you'll get there. The color green can repersent hope. that you will get what you need or want if you just try hard enough. that life might be hard but its not going to change.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the lightning theif -- extra credit

       The lightning thief is a very interesting book.I think the author, Rick Riordan is a very talented.

Percy Jackson is one of  the main character. He is a very troubled kid that has dyslexia he can't read that well

because the words come out of the page and has to go to a very special school for people with dyslexia.

Every year he gets attacked by a monster or he gets in danger some how or another. His Latin teacher is a


    Grover a half-blood searcher realizes percy he is a half-blood, half human half god. Percy goes on a quest

to save the world from having a war that may cost the world to end. a very important weapon was stolen "the

master bolt" which is a lightning bolt that belongs to the god, Zeus. The book is based on Greek gods and

myths. The gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and more. The Greek gods and myths were told to explain

how and why lightning happened, and weren't you went if you died and more beliefs to explain why things


     I watched the movie of the lightning thief , but in my opinion the book was way better. The thing about

movies is that the plot is different and there are different settings. Its like watching or reading a new book or

 movie. I would rate the book on a scale from 1 to 10 a 9. It was very fun to read the book because there

was a lot of suspension and action that made it really interesting . I feel that I  learned a lot about Greek gods

and myths while enjoying the book.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

author's note

As I was growing up, I was the youngest child in the family, my brothers were 31 and 34 I was only 5. I got everything I wanted. A year later my brother had a baby. It changed everything.I didn't get the attention I wanted and everyone stopped calling me adorable and ignored me when the baby was around . I know how it feels to be ignored.

the book im writing about is about Ryan a 6 year old that his mom is having a baby. when his mom has a baby everyone ignores him and gives more attention to the new born baby. he grows jealous and is angry at the baby. he yells at the baby when noones around...what will he do next....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I don't want to feel the pain...
I can't stand it anymore...
I swear i'm not insane...
where is the door...

forgive me my lord...

In this poem the person needs help but he can't find any so
he commits suicide.suicide is a common issue in real life.
think before you act.